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Event cancelled: Acoustic Routes Monthly Concert: Julie Bevan and Friends, ‘Kaleidoscope’, with Otherwise Brilliant and Liz & Tim, 24 June, Roseneath School Hall, 7:30 pm

Event cancelled due to COVID situation, 23/06/2021.

‘Kaleidoscope’ is the latest album by NZ composer/musician Julie Bevan, who has a long-standing connection with Brazil. This eclectic album draws on her diverse musical influences and styles, including flamenco, jazz, kiwi and Brazilian music.

Kaleidoscope was recorded partly in Brazil and partly here in Wellington. For this performance she is joined by friends who recorded with her in Wellington – Nick van Dijk on keys, melodica and brass, and Aaron Stewart on acoustic bass.

Nick plays diverse musical styles but is best known in jazz. A composer, musician and teacher, he has performed with Black Seeds, Rhombus, Olivia Newton John, and the Wellington Jazz Orchestra, as well as contributing to many albums.

Aaron Stewart is the long-time bass player of alt-country artist Mel Parsons and with T-Bone Trio, a mathematically challenged quartet performing bluegrass and country classics. He has performed in a variety of international and local festivals and contributed to many albums.

‘Kaleidoscope’ can be bought directly from Julie

Liz Merton and Tim Barrie

Liz and Tim are somewhat reclusive treasures in the Wellington folk and acoustic music scene. They specialise in playing Maqam – the music system used since the time of the Babylonians – on violin and oud. But then they might play guitar, ukulele, clarinet or even banjo. And the music might be medieval, swing or early jazz, Tinpan Alley, Celtic tunes, New Zealand songs, rock, blues, or original tunes and songs. Whatever they choose, this will be a musical delight from two fabulous musicians.

Otherwise Brilliant

Jonathan and Emily are concentrated essence of VicFolk, an exemplary model of the transmission of musical traditions from one generation to another. They are both gifted performers, tunesmiths, and teachers, and what they achieve together is more than the sum of the parts. They have a demonstrated willingness to muck in and are seriously committed to making sure that everyone has a good time.


All-in-all, this promises to be a superb concert showcasing music from across the ages and around the world.

Entry: $15 for AR Members and all performers and $20 for others. Cash only (no eftpos facilities).