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Sadly, with Wellington and the rest of the country remaining in Level 4 lockdown until at least midnight Friday, Acoustic Routes has had to abandon ship on its ‘marinated concert’ at Tawa Community Centre this Thursday, August 26.

We will be looking for an opportunity to set sail with our evening of songs, stories and music inspired by ‘The Seas and Waters of Our World’ at a later date.

In the meantime, please stay safe.

– The Acoustic Routes Crew.

AR monthly concert: a ‘Marinated Evening’ hosted by the inimitable Robin Brew, 26 August

Tawa Community Centre, 5 Cambridge Street, Tawa, 26 August, 7:30 pm

Admission: $5 for performers and members, $10 for others. Cash only (no eftpos facilities).

This idea has been quietly “marinating” (sorry, couldn’t avoid that) since February 2020… just before the world slipped into a new, dystopian reality.

Please join us, preferably with some kind of musical or other offering linked to ‘The Seas and Waters of Our World’. The choice is yours – vocal and/or instrumental; traditional or contemporary, original or cover; solo, duet, or a group effort. It’s best to prepare two or three pieces, in case your first choice is performed before you get your chance.

Expect a good selection of hearty, chorus songs for us all to bellow (gently!) along to. However, the aim is to be inclusive, and you are encouraged to participate. If leading music is not really your ‘bag’, please consider some spoken-word options – a moving or hilarious passage from a novel that ‘got to you’ recently, a John Masefield poem, Keri Hulme seascape, …

The venue (last used for our successful St Patrick’s Day event) has a large comfortable lounge and the evening will be ‘in the round’, without
microphones, a stage, or any pressure to perform.

Any queries or concerns please email Robin

Hope to see…hear you on the 26th! D’aaarrrghhh!!!