November 2019 Balladeer

Monthly newsletter of Acoustic Routes, Wellington’s folk music club

The Office, Newtown
Sunday 17 November, 3-5 pm

November 2019: in this issue 

  1. AR parody night, Thursday 28 November, 7:30 pm
  2. President Murray’s Musings
  3. Open Mic at The Office, Newtown, Sunday 10 November, 5:30-8 pm
  4. Open Mic, Plimmerton Boating Club, Thursday 14 November, 7 pm
  5. Acoustic Routes – the future – have your say, The Office, Newtown, Sunday

17 November, 3-5pm    

  1. Meet the new editor
  2. Reviews, Joan Prior Young Performers Award 2019
  3. Balladeer music noticeboard 
  4. Want to perform?
  5. About Acoustic Routes
  6. Acoustic Routes contacts
  7. Other regular folk events/contacts in the region

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Acoustic Routes parodies night, Roseneath 
School Hall, Thursday 28 November, 730 pm 

According to one dictionary definition, a parody is “a piece of 
music or literature that mimics the style of another composer 
or author in a humorous way”. However you choose to define 
it, a parody or spoof is an entertaining and probably 
therapeutic way of having a gentle crack at something or 
someone that’s getting up your goat.  

This will be a singaround night rather than a concert, and it’s all about participation.  So, get cracking, find a well-known song or tune and write a new set of words to give us a laugh. It doesn’t have to be a song, you can satirise or lampoon a poem or a piece of 
prose, too. 

In today’s world, there is no shortage of subjects, but if you need inspiration, 
search out the many parodies that Trump and his tantrums have spawned.   There are h eaps of existing parodies to choose from. One Kiwi example is “Hung- over Liver”, Marcus Turner’s wicked adaptation of the Paul Metses classic, 
“Farewell to the Gold”.  

Entry: $5 for participants, $10 for others. 

Supper (hot drinks and bikkies) provided, and there will be spoofy prizes as well. 

Murray’s Musings 

Hi Everybody 

Summer sometimes feels as though its just around the corner. The big news over this last month was Wellyfest.  What a wonderful  festival! Congratulations and thanks so much for the huge amount of really hard work put in by Sue Harkness and her crew, committee, and helpers from outside the committee.  Everybody I’ve had contact with has said that they enjoyed the festival from go to whoa. 

I do know that Sue would like some new, younger people on the committee, to  plan for Wellyfest 2020. If you would like to get on board, I’m sure she would  welcome you. 

As part of the festival, the festival committee allowed us to incorporate the Joan  Prior award for young performers into their program and we had four extremely  talented acts competing for this award. I would like to thank our judges, Sue Harkness, Janette Munneke and Lindsay Martin for what was a very difficult job  deciding who would receive this award. To all the contestants, congratulations.   In my mind, you were all winners. 

I would like to welcome Karen Munro to our committee. We are also looking for a
few more people to come aboard.