Acoustic Routes invitational concert

Thursday 25 August, Tawa Community Lounge, 7:30 pm

Entry: $15/$10 for members. A bargain! Cash only (no eftpos facilities). Vaccinations and masks encouraged.

Divine Pitch is a new multi-media collaboration between Megan Ward and Stephen Riddell. They play a balance of original and traditional songs on a variety of instruments tuned to ‘divine pitch’ (A=432 Hz instead of the usual concert A=440 Hz) and describe themselves as coming to folk music ‘as refugees from classical music’.
Check out their youtube channel.

Alfred is a longtime afficionado of American fingerstyle guitar who had a folk awakening of sorts about 18 years ago, after discovering and exploring the music of Pete Seeger and Woody Guthrie and the subsequent folk revival of the early 1960’s. He writes and performs original and traditional songs in a multitude of American genres, offering fresh interpretations of traditional or standard songs, while his original material often expresses autobiographical, confessional themes with a slight humorous or political edge.

Simple Gifts are Sue Rose and Philippa Boy – two friends who share a love of harmony singing and very eclectic musical tastes. Expect unusual arrangements of traditional and current songs, some acapella and some featuring instruments including an Inuit caribou drum, guitar and hurdy gurdy.

Ktoo are Kevin McLoughlin and Kevin Ikin, two Wellington-based folk veterans who hail from Dunedin. Their family links with the South Island’s West Coast led them to record a collection of tall and true songs about the Coast. Ktoo’s CD, “Land of the West”, was released in 2017. But their musical partnership extends beyond the West and they have original songs about wider issues and events to share with you as well.

Kaboodle are Diana Bastion singing mainly old traditional songs with Julian Ward on open tuned guitar and shruti.

Toil and Trouble are Mary Hubble, Jude Douglas and Ron Craig who play and sing a range of music mostly from UK, USA, Canada and NZ. Mary brings wonderful flute/whistle and vocal harmonies, Jude adds fantastic fiddle, and Ron Craig combines a warm, expressive, voice with beautiful guitar. Always a treat, with a mix of tunes and songs.

Acoustic Routes at Orange COVID Level

Please note: The Acoustic Routes Committee has agreed on the following approach under Orange COVID Level.

  • Some audience members may not be fully vaccinated and/or may choose not to wear a mask, since these are no longer mandatory requirements.
  • The Committee encourages audience members to be fully vaccinated and wear a mask for their own protection.
  • Workers and volunteers at gatherings must wear face masks unless they are exempt.