Jacquie Walters and James Wilkinson Concert

7.30pm on 27 July at Roseneath School Hall, Roseneath, Wellington. $15 non-members, $10 members.

Jacquie Walters and James Wilkinson

James was a member of award-winning group Emeralds and Greenstone and is currently a member of Toru. Jacquie made a name for herself as a folk artist in the northeast of England performing, touring, and recording with Kate Bramley.

James and Jacquie have shared concert bills in various band iterations over the past 25 years but this is their first tour as a duo. Jacquie is known for her stunning vocals and moving, topical songwriting. James is one of New Zealand’s best guitarists and a mesmerising bass player and will be adding his unique playing style and vocals in support of Jacquie’s original material.

Opening acts are Sage (Murray Kilpatrick and Sue Rose) and Toil & Trouble (Ron Craig with Mary Hubble and Jude Douglas) – a treat indeed!

Come and enjoy a perfect winter’s evening full of some of New Zealand’s best acoustic music.

Acoustic Routes Feisty Females Concert

7.30pm on 22 June at Roseneath School Hall, Roseneath, Wellington. $15 non-members, $10 members.

FFFF Feisty Feckin’ Full-time Feminists – Take The Whole Damn Rose-Bush

FFFF are: Therese O’Connell, Wendy Davis, Claire-Louise McCurdy, Sue Hirst, Emma Kelly, Marie Russell, Grace Millar and Jane Shallcrass.
Singing stars of the 1970s-1980s women’s movement take the stage again with some new additions – reviving some of the songs they sang to keep spirits up on the picket line or at strategising sessions. Some of the lyrics were made up more or less on the spot to a borrowed tune, to mark a particular occasion; other songs came from feminists in Auckland, Australia or beyond.
Expect a roller-coaster ride through the politics of equal pay, discrimination, harassment and reproductive rights, with lashings of fighting spirit. The group will explain the background and in some cases put the words up for audience participation. Audience advisory: frequent use of strong language.

Renny M and Janet Muggeridge

Folk/Indie musician Renny M, sings directly into your heart – dusty vocals, skilful narrative and melodic invention combine as she intertwines her melodic fingerpicking guitar style with heartfelt lyrics that emanate raw emotion.

Renny M transforms the everyday into sublime moments and her songs explore the experiences that bring us to life. These are songs of love, longing and loss, sung with a voice the flavour of bittersweet.

Renny met Janet at the local singer/songwriter night and was impressed by her humour and quick wit, as well as her beautiful mandolin riffs.
A founding member of the iconic kiwi covers band Gumboot Tango, Janet needs no introduction for those of us who have enjoyed her favourite activity – jamming hard out at music festivals. She adds tasteful backing vocals to Renee’s beautiful songs, and has been known to perform one or two of her own in the set.

There may be an opportunity for a couple of floor spots from women performers so come prepared if you’d like to do a number or two.

Acoustic Routes NZ Music Month Concert

7.30pm on 25 May at Roseneath School Hall, Roseneath, Wellington. $15 non-members, $10 members.

It’s New Zealand Music Month, so we’re putting the spotlight on some of our own local talent. If you love to hear songs about life’s rich tapestry, performed by beautiful voices and enriched by great instrumentals, look no further because we’ve got them in spades! 

Playing as Kaboodle, Diana Bastion and Julian Ward bring together a gorgeous voice and beautiful guitar playing to perform a melodious mixture of traditional and contemporary folk songs. They’ve been performing together as a duo for a number of years now, and this will be a great opportunity to hear their latest repertoire.

Sue Harkness is a specialist in ballads, telling stories of people, their cultures and the times to which they belong. She has a rich repertoire of songs, including New Zealand ballads, and is a self-taught fingerstyle guitarist, coaxing lovely arpeggios from her Barkman guitar. At festivals you’ll often find her anchoring late night festival jam sessions, her distinctive soprano in soaring descant. At the time of the concert, Sue will have just returned from performing in the South Island, where her involvement in folk music began.

Another Sue, two more great voices! Sue Rose and Philippa Gander are a recently-formed duo who have been making a name for themselves performing together whenever they get an opportunity – and that name is Simple Gifts. You may have heard them singing in perfect harmony at festivals and singarounds, and as part of Parryphonalia. Their vocals are backed by Philippa’s expert playing of various instruments, including her favourite, the hurdy-gurdy.