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The Polly Johnson Set at Acoustic Routes, Thursday 26 September

The Polly Johnson Set 

Roseneath School Hall, Maida Vale Road,  Thursday 26 September, 7.30 pm

Hi, we’re The Polly Johnson Set! We’re a five-piece acoustic band from Wellington who have been performing live together for the past five years. We each write original songs which then get the full-band treatment, transforming from rough edged bundles of potential into fully polished musical gems.

Musically speaking, you might be hard pressed to describe us. We struggle ourselves! Five different voices in the band mean that we’re pretty diverse, lyrically and musically, but we firmly believe that’s the source of the magic that we seem to create whenever we play together. With guitar, bass, ukulele, cello, banjo, mandolin and even a real fancy shaker in the mix we traverse a range of styles, managing to use each to convey true emotion and excitement. And oh man it is fun.

Ably supported by a raft of support acts:

Toil and Trouble are a fine trio of seasoned performers. Mary Hubble brings wonderful flute/whistle playing and lovely vocal harmonies. Jude Douglas is a superb fiddle player who always finds the perfect harmonies to enhance every song. Ron Craig combines a warm, expressive, voice with beautiful guitar. Expect a wide variety of songs, lovely harmonies and gorgeous instrumentals.

Annette Esquinet is a singer-songwriter whose songs have a gentle ‘Indie-Folk’ sound, containing thoughtful observations about life on earth, with an enchanting and slightly mystical twist. Originally from the UK, she is now based on the Kapiti Coast.  Find out more here.

Hunter Giltrap – the 2016 Winner of the Acoustic Routes Joan Prior Award for Young Performers – is a young musician who has grown up in the folk community. He has a love for storytelling through song, and enjoys doing so through fiddle, guitar and vocals.

Ticket Price:  $15 ($10 members) – cash only, no eftpos facilities. Supper provided.

Steampunk Minstrels at Acoustic Routes, Thursday 22 August

Steampunk Minstrels

Roseneath School Hall, Maida Vale Road,  Thursday 22 August, 7.30 pm

Steampunk Minstrels is a band with its beginnings in sunny South Africa where MairiAnne met Marius and they combined forces as two 12-string guitar players who loved the textural possibilities of a 24-string onslaught.

Now in Wellington, the two have occasionally wowed the Newtown Open Mic nights with their unique blend of Celtic and African folk music with a hint of jazz and rock. Don’t miss this distinctive and exciting concert.

The first half will be an open mic, so come along prepared if you have something you’d like to perform!

Ticket Price:  $15 ($10 members) – cash only, no eftpos facilities. Supper provided.

Shining Stars at Acoustic Routes, Thursday 25 July

Joan Prior young perfomers at Acoustic Routes 

Roseneath School Hall, Maida Vale Road,  Thursday 25 July, 7.30 pm

This very special concert features all four winners of the Joan Prior Young Performers Award since it began in 2014. Acoustic Routes establish the JPA in 2014 in memory of Joan Prior (pictured left), who was a folk phenomenon in Wellington for 30 years. After she died in 2010, her family donated her instruments, music and memorabilia to Acoustic Routes, enabling us to set up the award in her name for young performers, aged 15 to 25 years.

Starring Flix Rose (2014), Daniel White (2015), Hunter Giltrap (2016), and Emily Griffiths and Thomas Stonehouse (2018). A chance to enjoy again some stellar performances by these talented, passionate and dedicated young musicians.

Ticket Price:  $15 ($10 members) – cash only, no eftpos facilities. Supper provided.


Newtown Acoustic at Acoustic Routes, Thursday 27 June

Newtown Acoustic comes to Acoustic Routes 

Roseneath School Hall, Maida Vale Road,  Thursday 27 June, 7.30 pm

With no fewer than 7 acts, this will be a night of variety and high quality, as regulars who frequent the Newtown Acoustic Sound Open Mics on Sundays perform for us at Acoustic Routes.

The concert features Alan Downes, Janine Mitchell, Kevin Ikin, Billy Lyrical, Portable Panic, Bruce Carey (pictured left) and Scott Pilgrim.

Ticket Price:  $15 ($10 members) – cash only, no eftpos facilities. Supper provided.

Rachel Dawick, Thursday 23 May

Rachel Dawick Sneak Preview Concert 

Roseneath School Hall, Maida Vale Road,  Thursday 23 May, 7.30 pm

Rachel Dawick, Tui Award Finalist 2015, moves from her work of the women settlers to two new albums to be released in 2019 and 2020. The first, ‘Gold Pan Alley’, is the tale of the travelling troupes who worked the gold rush towns in NZ from 1860-1890. The second, ‘London Working, London Poor’, takes us back to the streets of East London and the array of colourful characters in Henry Mayhew’s work – from the acrobat to the crossing sweeper. A wee sneak preview of the two new albums and the stories behind them.

Support acts are Paddy Burgin and Makaira Waugh,  two very skilled musicians and luthiers. Paddy will most likely entertain us with some of his self-penned songs. Expect the unexpected from Makaira – it may very well involve you.


Ticket Price:  $15 ($10 members). Supper provided.